Kevin Bazile

At 80/20 Fitness, the experience is like no other. This is not just a gym, but it is an environment where all members are considered family.

Founder, Kevin Bazile, has 6 years of experience in observing the habits, routines, and daily struggles of his clients. As time passed, he grew to understand the true formula to gaining results; nutrition, exercise, and accountability.

It takes 80% nutrition and 20% exercise to gain and maintain results, hence the name “80/20 Fitness.” Not only do we offer clients nutritional guidance, but we also provide personal training and boot camp classes. When following this formula one can sustain a balanced lifestyle. 80/20 Fitness is designed to cater to the needs of clients.

Offering a variety of services, including and definitely not limited to, Boot Camp classes, African Dance, Shopping Buddy etc. Kevin aspires to change lives and encourage all to live a balanced lifestyle.

80/20 Fitness is located at 604 Gallatin Ave. Suite 213 Nashville, 615- 787-7693