NASHVILLE, TN — With more than 7,000 active COVID-19 infections in Davidson County, a coalition of healthcare providers and other organizations are asking Nashvillians to mask up, get vaccinated, and sign a pledge to help spread accurate information to their neighbors. Led by the Nashville General Hospital Foundation and Neighborhood Health, more than thirty-seven businesses, organizations and individuals have signed on to “Nashville Takes on COVID” so far. 

More than 1,000 Nashvillians have died of COVID since the beginning of the year, and more than 40% of young people have yet to be vaccinated. Health care providers are exhausted due to the surge and are begging for help from citizens to reduce these numbers and share timely, accurate information about protection from COVID. The Nashville Takes on COVID campaign, launching on Monday, September 20, will provide a coordinated approach to educate and include all Nashvillians in the importance of masking up and vaccinating against COVID-19.  Those interested in participating in the campaign can sign up at 

Businesses, organizations, churches, schools, and individuals are all encouraged to participate. Over the next 28 days, participants will be provided content to share on their social media, and are encouraged to use resources such as their website or brick-and-mortar location to help emphasize the availability of free vaccinations, free transportation, free masks, and free incentives to those who receive the vaccination. Video content (available in English and Spanish) has been produced by the Kaiser Family Foundation and vetted by national medical societies. 

More than 110 locations in Davidson County are currently providing free COVID-19 vaccinations, and 10,000 free masks will be available through this campaign. Many locations open as early as 7:00 a.m. and some are open on weekends. Free rides are available to those who need transportation assistance to obtain a vaccine, and free food boxes and diapers are available to families in need. Individuals age 12 and up are eligible to be vaccinated. 

The Nashville General Hospital Foundation has been serving the unmet needs of our community and particularly the patients, families, and neighbors of Nashville General Hospital since 1978.  Since March of 2020, Nashville General Hospital Foundation has provided more than 300,000 meals to those negatively affected by the tornado, pandemic and food insecurity. Neighborhood Health, formerly United Neighborhood Health Services, Inc., has proudly served the people of Middle Tennessee for more than 44 years without regard to their insurance status or ability to pay. Today, we provide medical, prenatal, dental and behavioral health care to over 31,000 people of all ages, 59% of whom have no health insurance. Because of the trust earned with patients, Neighborhood Health has become the largest safety net provider of primary care in Middle Tennessee.

Talking Points on COVID-19

Vaccines and masks are heaven-sent tools to keep us safe.  To beat the pandemic, everyone age 12 and older needs to get vaccinated for COVID and wear masks.

• Here’s some good news:  Over 85% of Nashville seniors decided to be safe and get vaccinated for COVID.  That’s why comparatively few of our seniors are getting COVID.  Thank heavens!

• But here’s the bad news:  Nashville has about 7,000 COVID cases right now – and are hospitals are essentially full.  This is in large part because about 40% of younger adults still have not gotten vaccinated for COVID – and many are getting very sick from the Delta variant.  And this winter may be even worse.  And it’s already plenty bad: Nashville has had over 1,000 COVID funerals since the pandemic started.

We’ve done something about this.  We in Nashville have made it easier than ever to get vaccinated for COVID and wear masks.  Over 115 locations across Nashville now offer free COVID vaccinations in every corner of the county.  Folks are welcome to call us at 615-227-3000 for an appointment at Neighborhood Health (and we’ll throw in a free flu shot, too).  Or they can call 1-800-232-0233 to find out a few vaccination locations closest to them.  And we in Nashville are breaking down other barriers:

• No insurance?  No problem: It’s still no charge.  

• No car keys or way to get there?  You can get a free ride from us – or by calling Uber at 1-855-921-0033.

• Need to go before work?  You can get vaccinated as early at 7am on weekdays at Metro Public Health’s two drive-through vaccination sites.

• Need to go on a weekend?  Kroger, Walgreens, Walmart and other pharmacies offer vaccinations on weekends. 

• No mask?  We just received a donation of 10,000 cloth masks to give away.

We need everyone to pitch in because we want everyone to stick around.  

And we want to COVID to leave town.

This “Nashville Takes On COVID” needs everyone to pitch in.  YOU can help: Go to and take the pledge and start posting the content we provide on social media.  And we welcome additional businesses, schools, churches, unions, nonprofits, and other organizations to join our the “Nashville Takes On COVID” coalition and amplify these critically important messages.