Maryam Abolfazli

NASHVILLE, TN — On Monday, May 1st, International Workers Day, the Metro Human Relations Commission will release 2023 IncluCivics, an analysis of employee demographics and salaries of 10,000 employees across 51 Metro departments. The Executive Summary below includes overall findings on: employee representation by race and gender, salaries by race and gender, demographic and salary trends within departments and by employee roles, and employee residency by counties. The full report, to be released on May 1st, additionally includes detailed department profiles with salary distributions, employee demographics and other details.

This report comes after years of rapid change in Nashville and in the midst of a mayoral transition. “This analysis should lead to action to ensure greater income parity between genders and less concentration of races at the opposite ends of the earning scale,” states Maryam Abolfazli, Chair of the Metro Human Relations Commission. “The information within this report can significantly contribute to building a city government that is more equitable and equally led among races, backgrounds and gender.”

The report highlights how representative Metro employees are of Nashville’s diverse population, and shines light on areas that require improvement in order for Metro to continue to strive toward its ambitious goals of being an equitable major employer in the city.

We will host a reception and Gallery Walk on Monday, May 1st at 5pm at the Downtown Nashville Public Library to share our findings and insights. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with the infographics and materials which will be on display.