I have seen a lot of conventions in my life but NEVER one like the Republican National Convention last week. It began with flagrant plagiarism by Trumps wife. It got worse with lies and distortions, hate filled speeches by virtually ignorant, nobody “celebrities,” and progressed into the worst “diss” of a presidential candidate in all of history. It ended with a madman spouting nothing but even more all out lies. The hate generated by a bunch of clowns who are nothing more than racist “ranters” was palpable as they fed rancid, poisonous red meat to a base that knows this will be their last stand, as America is more diverse than ever. This has all has brought them to a place of unabashed terror management as we watched them all descend into an abyss of complete darkness. And let’s not forget the ‘handkerchief head Negroes,’ who want only to be bought and paid for bootlickers and traitors to the movement. A ‘browning’ of this country will be great again when they are shunned after the November election.

One of the saddest parts for me were the Trump children. They lavished their daddy with praise and accolades that he certainly did not deserve, with no mention of the mothers (that he dumped), who actually raised them. Meanwhile, their philandering “father” traipsed the globe trying to have sex with everything that moved and partied shamelessly without any compunction. This is the man that is characterized in the Huffington Post at the end of every article that they print this way:

“Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims ― 1.6 billion members of an entire religion ― from entering the U.S.”

We can add to that that ‘Drumph,’ or ‘Don the Con,’ also wants to leave NATO, The WTO,  and stiff U.S creditors. He is endorsed and being help by other fascists and dictators, such as Kim Jong Ill and his best friend, who he wants to hand over Europe to Vladimir Putin. He hacked the DNC to boost the crazy support for a maniac that could one day if elected, have the nuclear codes to end life as we know it because of his narcissistic disorder and thin skinned border line personality disorder.

If we don’t ALL VOTE for Hillary Clinton this time, we will have an egomaniacal, pathological, liar who tells his pitiful and uneducated base that Americans will get the largest tax cut in history. He tells the lie that we pay higher taxes than anyone when in fact, out of 31 nations from Finland to North Korea, we are number 30 -next to last on the list. He also lied about crime, debt, regulation, the ACA, household income, NAFTA, the deficit, refugees, immigration, and foreign policy. He is a schoolyard bully with the temperament of a six-year-old. He stiffs people who work for him as well as his creditors. And let’s not forget that he thinks women support him and has minimal support from them. He has zero support among African Americans, most Latinos, and other minorities. Not one former President or any real heavy political hitters even attended his convention. Instead, they clearly distanced themselves from his hateful and ignorant rhetoric.

Everyone who supported Bernie Sanders, who choose to not VOTE for Hillary Clinton, will make a choice to help elect a moronic bigot who only cares about himself and his personal interests. Bernie is an amazing man. The revolution he started will mean nothing if we all do not VOTE for Hillary Clinton for president. Those who don’t vote are no better than hateful racists ‘Trumpsters.’ There, I said it. And you should send the same strong message too and send it very loudly! VOTE the entire Democratic ticket up and down the ballot and don’t think your VOTE for the Democrats don’t make a difference because now more than ever it is essential regardless of our emotions.

Enough is enough. All of our futures are at stake. If you don’t VOTE for Hillary, we all lose.