Orthodontic treatment is an important investment in your future.  Everyone helping with your orthodontic care wants you to have the best results possible.  While you are wearing braces, it is important that you take care of your teeth and gums.  You need to pay special attention to cleaning your teeth daily and monitor your diet.

Friendly Diet while in Braces

There are foods that can loosen, break and or bend wires and bands when you are wearing braces.  Avoid hard foods such as nuts, hard granola bars, and hard cookies.  Foods such as apples and carrots should be chopped into small pieces before eating to reduce putting the stress on your braces.  Avoid sticky foods such as caramels, toffees, and chewing gum because it will get stuck in the brackets and wires of your braces.  Remember no chewing ice nor eating popcorn while in braces.

How to Clean your Teeth while in Braces

When you brush your teeth while wearing braces, you need to pay special attention not only to your teeth and gums, but also to the brackets and wires.

• If you have elastics, “rubber bands”, remove them before brushing.

• Use a fluoride toothpaste and a soft bristle toothbrush.  I recommend to my patients a battery powered brush that has an ortho head.

• Gently brush the braces and all surfaces of each tooth.  Don’t forget to brush under the wire.

• Floss each tooth using super floss daily.  Flossing will take longer to go underneath the wire and then in between each tooth, but it’s necessary.  The super floss is designed to be used while in braces to help with getting underneath the wires.

• After brushing and flossing remember to rinse with a mouth rinse and to replace any elastics you may have removed.

While you are having orthodontic treatment, remember to continue to have your regular check-ups with your family dentist to ensure little problems don’t become big ones.

I hope this Tooth Talk has helped people in braces.  Call and or email me if you have questions at (615) 445-8700,  dr.jmitchell@integritydentalcares.com, Integrity Dental Care, PLLC.