Pastor Parham offers thanks to the congregation while First Lady Carmilitar Parham, son D’Juan, Ronnika Redding and grand daughter Amari stand with him.

NASHVILLE, TN — Edmondson Chapel celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Pastor Ron Parham and First Lady Carmilitar Parham. They have continued to lift the congregation and the community to greater heights with their ministry. The theme for the Silver Anniversary was “Approved by God.”  First Family Day 2019 was a community event.

Pastor Ron Parham was called to the pastorate of Edmondson Chapel church in December 1994. Under his leadership, the Edmondson Chapel Church has grown by leaps and bounds and still growing.  In December 2012, the church relocated to the Cumberland Tabernacle Association. The following year, on  February 3, 2013, the church purchased the building at 5222 Hickory Hollow Parkway in Antioch, a 36,000 square foot- plus campus that will continue to birth this Awesome Vision.”  

Pastor Howard Jones, preached the anniversary sermon at the 10 a.m. service.  He spoke about “Every Day Heroes.” His message pointed out that the comic strip superheroes like Super Man or Batman are fictional. He explained we as humans often tell God who we are not, instead of letting God tell us, who we are. The real supreme hero is God, he stated. He added that the Parhams are Every Day heroes,  living and working to serve God by serving their parishioners every day in every way. 

The sanctuary was packed with members, community supporters and even classmates of the pastor.

Pastor Parham is a Cum Laude graduate of American Baptist College and will receive his Master of Education degree from Union University in Jackson, TN in the Fall of 2019.