Memphis, TN (TN Tribune)–In the first of a weekly series of announcements impacting the city’s arts, cultural and entertainment industries, TJI! is proud to announce the return of the pioneering public access program the Rainbow Connection to the airwaves with an important original documentary chronicling the 1991 People’s Convention. Without exaggeration, it can be considered the most successful grassroots exercise in democracy in the city’s history, and for the first time, many of the original conveners are telling their story on film.

This harrowing movement led to the selection of Dr. W. W. Herenton as the city’s first elected African American mayor, but as the film chronicles, the story is bigger than the dreams and goals of any single individual.

Directed by Chuck O’Bannon, the film is now in post-production and the trailer has been approved for media preview before it’s public debut on the Rainbow Connection Saturday, May 1, on Public Access Cable Channel 17.