UNA Bears’s Coach Bryan Lowe seen coaching a football player one-on-one during a game.

 By Katelynn White

NASHVILLE, TN — UNA Bears Coach Bryan Lowe’s love for sports and coaching youth developed while  watching his father and uncle coach teams when he was young. He has played football and basketball since he was five or six and even today, he plays flag football for fun.

“Parents have entrusted me with their kids, and I always want them to walk away saying that I taught them skill and discipline and I did right by them,” Lowe said.

Combining his love for instructing and his passion for sports gave him the drive to want to coach and do it effectively for the benefit of the kids. Lowe has been coaching for almost 15 years. He started by coaching youth sports. When he became a teacher, he started coaching high school sports.

Lowe’s commitment to coaching did not stop on the basketball court or track field at school. “I would coach at the high school, leave there and head to UNA when football season was in. It made for very long days and nights, but it has definitely been worth it.”

He is excited to welcome his young players back on the field for training and conditioning during the summer months. Football practice will begin in July. UNA Bears, located in Antioch, is a non-profit organization that has maintained a sports program for almost 60 years.

UNA Bears is home to a variety of sports teams including football, cheerleading, basketball and baseball for children between the ages of five and twelve.

The non-profit organization follows TSSAA mandated rules and regulations as they jumpstart the summer sports and physical activities. Each player will have their temperature checked upon arrival and are required to wear masks during practice and games. Players will be placed in groups when carrying out drills and when being instructed by coaches.

Lowe, 39, said he has no concerns about coaching during the pandemic. “Coaching in a pandemic has its challenges but so does everything in life. If I’m prepared to do what’s best for kids, I feel I’m in good position to ensure the safety of those around me. Our organization does a great job of making sure everyone is on the same page and follow proper protocols,” he said.

Lowe, assistant principal at John T. Moore Middle School, said “being a school administrator also helps because I can take what I learn from school nurses and doctors from Meharry to help us make the best decisions possible.” 

Lowe coached year round.  “It didn’t stop me from coaching. I coached last year and I’m coaching again this year. I do what I love, and I take proper precautions to ensure I’m safe as well as my players.”

Children can be registered for a team sport at www.unabears.org.