The business tycoon Candace Holyfield Parker, also known as the Six Figure Spa Chick, continues to raise the bar in the spa industry. 

Candace has not only shared her professional knowledge in the spa world and entrepreneurship nationally and internationally; but she has also created and had others implement an extensive masterplan in profiting 6 figures or more in just a 12 month period. Candace’s marketing and branding techniques have been advantageous to over 500 female spa professionals, who under her coaching have transitioned into flourishing spa owners. She continues to prove her knowledge is profit and power with companies like Meta and Groupon showing interest in her methods of e-commerce and social media marketing. Candace Holyfield-Parker would love the opportunity to share her expertise and introduce her strategies to your audience. For interviews or bookings, please contact Carcelia Ivory or 678-276-8903.