MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphians will soon be able to dine at a new gourmet, hip-hop inspired pizza joint.

Slim and Husky’s originally started in Nashville but one of the owners said they have always considered Memphis a second home.

Now they are set to open Dec. 16 in the Memphis’ Edge District. Other businesses in the area are welcoming the new pizzeria, in hopes it will help their neighborhood grow.

Slim and Husky’s will be located right on Union Avenue, just steps from Sun Studio and Southwest Tennessee Community College. So far, they already made some serious progress rehabbing their 120-year-old building.

Clint Gray, one of the owners, said his team has worked to bring the pizza joint to Memphis since 2018. The restaurant will not only serve local beers, pizza and cinnamon rolls. There are also plans for an art gallery in the upstairs portion of the restaurant as well.

“It takes a little bit longer to renovate those old buildings and preserve them the right way than it does to build from the ground up, so that combined with COVID has kinda pushed us out further than we want to, but the time is now and we’re excited about it,” Gray said.

Originally from Nashville, Gray said as a kid he came to Memphis often, continuing to return to see family, friends and Southern Heritage Classic games. They chose to set up shop near the Edge District because of its accessibility.

“We really wanted to come to town and appeal to a broad demographic, something that was central to a lot of people,” Gray said.

Just one street over, Stephanie Mills, owner of 901 to 504, a shop specializing in local and independent artists, was preparing for Black Friday. Mills said she welcomes the restaurant to town.

“So excited about it. I can’t wait to go in there. I’ve been to the one in Nashville and love it,” Mills said.

Mills said she believes Slim and Husky’s will add to the growth in the area.

“I hope that it will bring people down. We’ve got Chef Tam’s across the street. So the Edge District is really, it’s in the middle of a huge revitalization, and we’re just happy to be here in the middle of it,” Mills said.