As a parent, you do everything you can to protect your child from injury and harm.  It is very important to protect your child’s teeth while playing sports. If they are participating in organized sports or just playing tag football in the back yard a sports guard should be part of their sporting gear.  To keep dental injuries to a minimum, make sure your child is wearing a proper, well-fitted sports guard that enables them to breathe comfortably while playing sports.

There Are 3 Basic Types of Sports Guards

1. Boil and Bite: this type can be purchased at any pharmacy or a sporting goods store. To fit it to your mouth, you boil the sports guard until the material softens, and then you have your child to fit this into their mouth.  This sports guard tends to be bulky and less retentive than a custom fitted. This type better suits a child who has mixed dentition, baby teeth mixed with permanent teeth, because it can be changed as the bite changes.

2. Off the Shelf: this type can be purchased at most sporting goods stores and they are relatively inexpensive.  Unfortunately, because they are mass produced by the manufacturer, they don’t fit well and you may have difficulty with talking due to the bulkiness.

3. Custom Fit: this type is custom made by your child’s dentist and I believe it is the best option for comfort.  Impressions are made by your dentist and the sports guard is made to fit your child’s mouth only, and it is molded and trimmed to fit comfortably therefore, less bulky.

Sports are fun activities for your child to play and participate in.  With the proper protection, you can relax knowing you are doing everything to protect your child’s smile.

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