Owner Trea Broyles sits in front of the Music City Vintage wall inside the store.

By Monique Gooch

NASHVILLE, TN —  Although Music City Vintage was founded in 2016, it started as a hobby by owners Trea Broyles, 27, and Justin Allman, 25, in 2012. “My girlfriend told me I had too many clothes and to do something with all of it,” said Broyles. 

Music City Vintage is completely grassroots and it is a buy sell and trade business. They specialize in ‘80s and ‘90s vintage sports leisure and pop culture. “It’s very nostalgic for people born in the ‘80s and ‘90s,”  Broyles said. 

Their mission: We strive to give our customers the highest quality of vintage items out there! Majority of our items range anywhere between the early 80’s to the late 90’s. We want to provide you all with one of a kind vintage pieces that you may not find anywhere else!

Broyles and Allman have been collecting ‘90s vintage apparel and sport collectibles for over five years. Their first store opened in December 2018 in East Nashville. They shared space inside of Gold Club Electric Tattoo Shop for a little over a year. Unfortunately, on the morning on March 3, 2020, their storefront along with the tattoo shop, was destroyed by the tornado that hit Nashville. 

The store reopened last November. “2020 was a whirlwind. We had to restart from scratch. We actually lost 80 percent of what we had in the tornado. We went to online only for a while. In July of 2020, we found this location,” Broyles said.

Even though the tornado along with COVID-19 slowed everything down, the business is starting to pick back up. “We’re getting lots of foot traffic,” Broyles said. Music City Vintage also works with bigger companies. “We have big companies’ come in like Converse and Tommy Hilfiger. They may want old stuff to use in their archives and we provide them with that.” 

“We want to have things for everybody, with different prices and labels,” said Broyles who collects original Nike pieces while Allman collects hats. Some of their very own personal collections are on display but very few of their personal items are for sale. There is a first edition Mac Computer that belonged to Broyles father that is on display only and not for sale. There is also a pair of original 1994 Air Jordan’s “Bred” which are for sale for $999.99.

“We want to create a safe place for people; we want that barbershop environment. We like to build relationships with people. We also like to dress people affordably and environmentally sound, but also sell things that tell a story,” said Broyles.

You never know what you may find at Music City Vintage, which is the beauty of the store. “When you’re looking through this stuff it all tells a story. It’s that nostalgia, it’s that feeling…it’s personal. The more you tend to look around the more it takes you back,” Broyles said.

For a trip back in time, stop by Music City Vintage at 2503 Gallatin Ave, Suite 103, Nashville. You can also visit the store at musiccityvtg.com.