By Ashley Benkarski

NASHVILLE, TN —  The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare many inequities and injustices, but it’s also exacerbated the technological shift throughout multiple industries that could leave many–especially small businesses– behind.

Pivot Technology School, a Nashville-based facility that serves the global community, is offering the tools needed to overcome the obstacles of the “new normal” in the workplace.

“The workplace as we know it will change dramatically, and with it, the skills companies will require potential candidates to have,” the school stated. “Black Americans are already at a disadvantage economically and in business. In the age of  COVID-19, there is even more at stake.”

Pivot Tech offers online courses in Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Web Development, Coding and more. “For Black Americans to succeed in a post-Corona world, they will need to update, adapt and develop the skills that make them competitive … Companies have used technology in transformative ways in the past six months. They expect their current and future employees to do the same. Pivot Tech is here to help historically disenfranchised individuals meet that expectation,” the school continued.

“Professionals with digital skills including coding, web development and analytics already had a competitive edge in the industry before COVID,” said Pivot Tech co-founder Quawn Clark. “Now it’s even more critical to have those skills. People who can keep a digital business thriving during economic downturns are going to be prime candidates for employment.” 

“The fact is in Silicon Valley as a whole, Blacks and Hispanics make up only 3 % to 6 % of tech professionals, and women of color are one percent or less,” said Co-Founder and President Joshua Mundy. “That is a sample of what is going on across the country in the industry. We founded Pivot Tech to change that.” 

Pivot Tech is enrolling now and scholarships are available. For more information visit