Tasha Kennard

NASHVILLE, TN — Thistle Farms, a nonprofit social enterprise serving women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction, announced the addition of a new CBD line to their beloved body and home products.

The organization’s new collection features a CBD-based Body Balm, which is a high-impact topical balm stick to deliver targeted relief for aching muscles, scented with our signature Calm essential oil blend. The new Bath Soak elevates workout recovery and self-care beyond epsom salt baths with a CBD infusion to promote overall relaxation and stress relief.

 “We believe providing responsible, naturally-derived body products and pain relief options has an important connection to our missional roots in recovery,” said Tasha Kennard, CEO of Thistle Farms. “Our work with women recovering not only from trauma, but also addiction has informed this meaningful step forward in identifying alternatives for those who stand in the often difficult intersection of addiction and pain management.” 

Thistle Farms’ new product line is the result of hundreds of hours spent perfecting an idea into a solution and is made with a full-spectrum CBD distillate to ensure maximum potency and relief, extracted from Tennessee-grown hemp. Every batch of our CBD products is independently tested to ensure that each product meets the published CBD targets and is within the 0.03% legal limit of THC. 

“CBD is classified as a non-addictive substance and studies have shown it can offer therapeutic, anti-inflammatory benefits for those with chronic pain and a viable option for those who are concerned with the risk of becoming dependent on pain medication for daily relief,” said Kennard.

Thistle Farms’ social enterprise began in 2001 with the production of candles and body balms to fund both the residential program and provide the women in the program with a creative, therapeutic outlet. Residents of Thistle Farms’ program are provided an opportunity to work in The Café at Thistle Farms, The Shop, or in the organization’s Body & Home manufacturing facility where they learn the skills necessary to produce the soaps, essential oils, scrubs, oils, and other body and bath products. The goal is to help survivors establish job experience and feel empowered through building financial independence.

Thistle Farms’ CBD products are now available for purchase online at thistlefarms.org/cbd and at The Shop at Thistle Farms in West Nashville.

The model provides housing, healing, and employment; a national network of more than 550 long term free beds for women survivors; and a community of advocates who believe that love is the most powerful force for change in the world. 

For more information, visit thistlefarms.org.