Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and for most kids this means bags of free candy and a chance to build a stockpile of candies for the winter. As parents we know that candy consumption is almost unavoidable this time of year, but we want parents and children both to know that there are both good and bad candy options, both of which may find their way into a child’s trick-or-treat bag for Halloween.

What are the Worst Halloween Candies

• Chewy/Sticky Sweets: gummy bears, taffy, and sticky caramel all are bad for your teeth because they get stuck in the grooves and crevices between your teeth, and it makes it nearly impossible for saliva to wash them away, increasing the risk of tooth decay.

• Sugary Snacks: candy corn and cookies all contain high amounts of sugar which are not good for your teeth and they can cause cavities when.

• Hard Candies and Sour Candies: are not good for your teeth because they linger in your mouth longer and this can play a role in tooth decay.

Good Candies for Halloween are:

• Sugar Free Gum: can help to prevent cavities by helping to dislodge food particles from between the teeth and it increases saliva flow which helps to prevent decay.

• Dark Chocolates: antioxidants found in dark chocolates may be good for the heart and may even lower blood pressure.

Parents monitor your children’s intake of candy from trick-or-treat this Halloween and all year for that matter.  It is tempting to keep all the candy collected around for weeks and weeks but let’s limit the amount you keep so we promote good oral health habits and your teeth will thank you for this.

I hope this Tooth Talk has helped and please call and or email if you have any questions to Integrity Dental Care, PLLC, [email protected], (615) 445-8700.

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