Adolpho Birch, senior vice president/COO for the Tennessee Titans.

NASHVILLE, TN — On the heels of announcing a proposed new football stadium agreement, the Tennessee Titans are announcing an ambitious community benefits platform that will execute agreements with 14 local and regional organizations. The Titans are announcing the program at Tennessee State University, their long-time community partner. 

The ONE Community platform incorporates multi-faceted programs that reach many of Nashville’s most underserved communities with a focus on three areas – Opportunity, Neighborhoods, and Education. 

“The ONE Community platform represents a substantial amount of work and effort on the part of many and is the product of extensive interaction and feedback from residents and community leaders,” said Adolpho Birch, Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer for the Tennessee Titans.

Birch, a Nashville native, added: “Ultimately, increasing opportunities for workforce and small business development, nurturing and enhancing our neighborhoods in need, and supporting education at all levels was what the community believed would be most impactful.” 

The Titans are in the process of executing letters of intent with each of the 14 ONE Community partners, with a deadline of Dec. 1 to finalize all aspects of each partnership. Formal agreements with each entity will follow.


The Titans understand that a growing and dynamic city should provide meaningful, generational opportunities for the people who live here, and they are committing to creating meaningful pathways to jobs, professional training, and small business financing for neighbors in underrepresented communities. 

“We’re particularly excited about this investment in middle Tennessee’s entrepreneurs because we see this paying ongoing and lasting dividend down the road,” Birch said.

Programs within Opportunity will focus on supporting local minority-owned and small businesses, commitments to a diverse labor force for construction and vendor pool post-construction, loan and grants programs other initiatives focusing on economic inclusion and growth.

The Titans would also build and operate a dedicated 12,000 square foot multi-purpose community space in the new stadium and working with nonprofits, schools, and community organizations to create and deliver educational and recreational programming.

“We see this as Nashville’s stadium, a place where the community can come together. It’s about so much more than the Titans,” Birch said.


Healthy neighborhoods are foundational to building cities in which individuals and families are equipped to thrive. The Titans are committed to supporting, amplifying, and advocating for historically marginalized neighborhoods in our community.

In 2021, the Tennessee Titans, Urban League of Middle Tennessee, the Nashville NAACP, the Office of the Metropolitan Trustee announced the Keep Nashville Home program. Under the program, qualifying homeowners age 65 and older can “freeze” the tax due on their property at the amount for the year they qualify, even if tax rates increase. The partnership will continue within the ONE Community platform.

Other programs focused on neighborhoods will provide loans and grants to community development organizations, highlight neighborhood businesses and support mental health initiatives.


The Titans are partnering with our region’s academic institutions to supplement and enhance their student offerings in powerful ways, with the belief that every student deserves an educational journey with the resources, experiences, and access necessary to create a meaningful path to vocational and life success. Education partners will include Metro Nashville Public Schools, Tennessee State University and a number of other institutions focusing on internships and educational opportunity. 

Notably, the Titans will continue its long-standing relationship with TSU through scholarship programs, job shadowing programs, professional development opportunities, and a dedicated game day production that showcases the history and future of TSU athletics. The Titans have agreed to host up to four TSU games per season at the new stadium, with dedicated locker room space fully branded for TSU during game day and other events.