“… the joy of the Lord is your strength.”  

— Nehemiah 8:10(b)


2017. Here we are; three months into this year. I claim this as your year of divine favor and grace. Year of destiny.  The year you learn how to achieve deep joy.

To help you find new ways to be uplifted and encouraged, I am repeating advice I offered previously as “The 21-Day Joy Cure.”

I propose applying joy as a prescription! As medicine. This joy strategy is a certified depression buster. If you are experiencing uncertainty, self-doubt, depression, or feel mired in hopelessness and gloom, please try the Joy Cure.

Research indicates that anything you do for 21 consecutive days can become a life-changing habit. In order for joy to become a natural part of your life, continue these joy strategies for 21 days. Here is Part 1 of my joy therapy.

DAY 1 –Rise, shine, give God the glory! Start your day by worshipping God; depending on Him for everything.

DAY 2 –Pursue joy strategically; map it out. Develop a personal life plan for achieving joy as how you live as a Christian.

DAY 3 –Rewrite tomorrow. Create the future you desire. Stay focused, and determined to be joyful, despite tomorrow’s threats or reasons to despair.

DAY 4–Put the enemy’s audacious agenda on your radar. Attack every mental, physical, and emotional effort of Satan to undermine your joy. Speak words of joy. Words have power; you have the future you speak.

DAY 5–Take responsibility for your own joyful life. Make every day count. Count everything joy!

DAY 6–Get out of the ditch! Do something you enjoy. Connect with inspiring people.

DAY 7–Eliminate joy stealers. Stop gloomy, depressing thoughts that invade your mind; resist them.

DAY 8–Lift up frequent prayers of joy for family, friends, coworkers, even strangers you meet today.

DAY 9–Forgive! Forgiveness restores peace.

DAY 10–Walk away; find a quiet place. Intentionally pull yourself apart from moments of stress.

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