LOS ANGELES, CA — For years Nashville singer/songwriter Aminata ‘Ami’ Dismukes spent many days writing music reviews about other artists and their music. But those days are finally over because as of September 10, 2018, Ami is proud to announce the release of her own debut music EP project titled ‘Dreams of September,’ which she recorded at RnBass Studios in Los Angeles. 

Aminata now makes her home in L.A. but for nearly 3 years she was one of the Tennessee Tribune’s most dedicated and talented freelance writers, often covering major entertainment events such as the annual Rites of Spring music festival and numerous album reviews on local artists. “I’m elated to finally talk about my debut EP,” says an excited Aminata from her home in L.A. “Dreams of September is a R&B project that’s so dear to my heart.” 

Shortly after her west coast move, Aminata connected with producer/artist Derrick Grant who produced the majority of her debut project. Ms. Dismukes describes her sound as modern R&B, nostalgic of 90’s R&B from her youth. She says: “My biggest influence is the iconic Aaliyah, and the indie artists of today like Kehlani, SZA, 6lack.  Each person has put their spin on a sound we all have come to love and cherish.”

But creative talent runs throughout her DNA. Her mother was a successful author, poet and writer and her father is an international reggae music star. In fact, her mother (now deceased) also freelanced as a writer for the Tribune too. 

The Tribune has ‘flipped the script,’ so to speak, and now Aminata is in the hot seat to answer 5 Questions about her latest music release and her career. September is also her birthday month, so what a great present she’s given to herself and future fans—the gift of music.

TRIBUNE: I’ve been working on it for the last 4 years. I started out at 24 in my humble hometown of Nashville, TN writing reviews for the Tennessee Tribune. to eventually recording in home studios to moving my country self to the big city of Los Angeles, CA  to work on my EP at RnBass studios in Hollywood.

AMINATA: I actually started writing on the project while I was still living in Nashville. The Dreams of September EP is an ode to the month of September and all the men, women and people who inspired me and these songs. My EP follows the ups and downs of a relationship. On the song “Restless” I pine over a love lost.  In the lead single “No I Won’t,” I let my man know that I’m in the relationship for the long haul. On “Reset” I describe wanting to redo a relationship from the beginning. Each song is a reflection of past relationships I’ve been in or ones yet to be had in the future, like on the banger “Precautions” I advise my future lover that we should take things slow, as to avoid ruining a new love.  My personal favorite “Missing Out” (ft HiWay101), reminds me of an ex and what he’s missing out on with a woman like me.

TRIBUNE:  What’s the backstory for the title of the new EP?

AMINATA:  My birthday month is September and I’ve always dreamed of releasing a project for my 30th birthday. So, now that dream is becoming a reality hence the title ‘Dreams of September.’

TRIBUNE: Tell me about the talents of your parents. 

AMINATA: My mom was Gwynelle Dismukes a poet, writer, and mother of two. She actually wrote for the Tennessee Tribune briefly. My father is well-known famous reggae singer Alpha Blondy. I get my musical talent from him and my writing talents from my mother.

TRIBUNE: I understand that your dad lives in Paris and Africa. Do you think the two of you will ever collaborate on a music project together?

AMINATA:  My dad and I were estranged for a long time and have just recently reconnected with him.  But he has always supported his kids working on music or our individual talents. I saw him this summer on tour in Santa Cruz, Ca. I think he was very proud to see his daughter paving her own way in an industry that isn’t always the nicest. I would love to work with my dad on music in the future he already produced a single for me while I visited the family in Africa.  I hope to release it this fall.

TRIBUNE: What are your promotional plans for Dreams of September? Any performances coming soon? 

AMINATA: Right now, my EP release party is my most important show at the moment. I mainly want to spend the next few months promoting the EP then planning on touring next spring and summer. I’m already anxious to get back in the studio this fall and start working on the album. In the meantime, I can’t wait for everyone to hear what I’ve been working on since I made the move to California. Nashville will always be home but moving to L.A. was the best decision I ever made. I just had to trust the process. It’s all paid off in the end!

Dreams of September is available on major music streaming outlets September 10th. Follow Aminata on Instagram, Soundcloud, and Facebook for music updates. IG@aminata247  Facebook handle Aminata Kone Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/aminata-24-7