CHICAGO – HBCU Digital Network, an entertainment and lifestyle streaming network, will be officially launching its digital platform along with a mobile app and OTT platforms this Fall. The minority owned and operated will deliver live events, programming, and exclusive live coverage of some of the biggest games around HBCUs, featuring the tagline, “This Is Home.”

“We are thrilled to bring HBCU fans and audiences more live and on-demand content than ever before through virtually every platform,” said CEO & Founder Adam Powell, an NCAT alumnus.

Launched in beta last year, the on-line platform will provide TV-quality broadcasts of HBCU content throughout the year. HBCUDN will also produce on-demand video content year-round, which can be found along with scores and information from your favorite games in the official HBCU Digital apps and through connected streaming applications for television and mobile devices, including Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku (TV), iOS and Android (mobile).

Over the last year leading up to the launch, HBCU Digital has been talking to content partners to identify what the community needs as a platform dedicated to the HBCU and African American community, not just headlines but a continuing conversation throughout the year representing all HBCUs not just the few.

In the upcoming weeks leading to the start of the Fall Football Season HBCU Digital Network will be releasing news with varies partners and event lineups for its inaugural year.

About HBCU Digital Network
HBCU Digital is a production and media streaming company devoted to Historically Black Colleges and Universities serving students and continued alumni in the African American community. Featuring exclusive live and on-demand games and events, highlights and original programming. We create a digital experience for the HBCU audience like never-before. Offering Sports, Lifestyle & Entertainment that captures the culture, passion and heart of the HBCU community. To learn more, visit: