Research shows that if any one attempts to start a business, begin an exercise program or accomplish any other life significant life challenge, they are always more successful if they approach the venture with a partner and with a plan.

There is a basic sense of beauty and power in the picture of two people united with one purpose. The reason that many relationships fail is that the two people who should be the closest are not actually on one accord and to make matters worse, they have no specific strategy for success.

How can you win if you don’t know your role or your goal? Imagine a basketball game without the rims missing or a football game without the goal posts. Every couple should crave and create the incredible experience of pooling passions and collaborating on a project that is bigger than themselves. Marriage involves the two becoming one, right? But one what? In order for a couple to effectively fulfill their destiny they must first discover their joint purpose and begin to develop that purpose through a plan.

Your joint purpose should not be selfish but selfless. What are your gifts, abilities, skills, ideas and resources?  What can you do together in order to make a difference in the life of someone else? The discovery and implementation of your joint purpose as a couple will accomplish the following as observed by Jim and Sheri Mueller on their web site Growthtrac:” You will observe each other’s passions and gifts in action; You will experience the power of God working in your lives; Your faith and trust for God will increase; You will discover the rewards of serving God as a team; You will experience answered prayer; You will have opportunities to share your love for God; You will see your marriage grow.”

The best reason to get married is not just because two people love each other. Romantic love is nice, but not enough. The best reason to get married is that God has divinely designed a specific son and a specific daughter to unite in Holy Matrimony for the Kingdom purpose of activating their spiritual and natural gifts in order to fulfill their divine assignment. Serving together as a couple is one of the most effective ways of superseding ourselves. Serving propels us to a divine marriage dimension located beyond the limited level of just loving each other. So what are you waiting for? Stop wading in the shallow marriage waters of just pleasing each other and launch into the depths of discovering your joint purpose in life.