NASHVILLE, TN — Advance Financial has introduced a student loan repayment program in which the company will contribute up to $12,000 over the course of six years toward repayment of any employee’s student loans. The goal of the groundbreaking program is to help employees pay off loans more quickly, allowing them to focus on their careers, have more financial freedom and, most importantly, have peace of mind. 

The new student loan repayment program is the latest addition to Advance Financial’s already exceptional benefits offering, which Indeed, the world’s number one jobs website, recently ranked the 8th best compensation/benefits package in the nation – ahead of powerhouses like Apple Computer, GEICO and AT&T.

Through the new program, Advance Financial offers: 

1) Access to free information and counseling on how to reduce student debt

2) The option to refinance and/or consolidate student loans

3) Employer contribution toward loan payments 

Once an employee is enrolled, Advance Financial gives directly to the financial institution holding an employee’s student loan a sizeable introductory contribution, followed by standardized monthly installments as long as the employee continues to make the minimum installments. The payments increase the longer an employee is with the company. 

To qualify, employees must have worked continuously with the company for 12 months. As of now, 67 employees are already enrolled.

“We understand that a lot of our employees are dealing with this immense, stressful financial roadblock, and we want to help them reduce that burden,” said Tina Hodges, chief executive and chief experience officer for Advance Financial. “Our people are the most valuable asset we have, so we strive to give them the benefits and support they deserve.”

This benefit, which is especially important to graduating students who are just entering the workforce, is part of why the company was included on Forbes’ 2018 list of America’s Best Employers for New Graduates and Indeed’s list of top rated workplaces for compensation and benefits.

Advance Financial’s other employee benefits include: 40 hours paid time off to volunteer in the community, an onsite nurse and masseuse, an onsite gym, 401(K) matching plans, 100 percent company-paid individual health insurance and – new this year – two new premium health insurance plans. 

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