Senator Alexander said:

“I chaired a hearing in the Senate’s health committee focusing on primary health care as a way of reducing health care costs, as well as improving our experiences when we go to the doctor and getting a better outcome. There are about 300,000 primary health care doctors in the country – that’s where we go for our basic health care, and they are our access to almost all of our health care. So if we can do a better job helping primary health care doctors help us be well, that saves money. If we can help primary health care doctors keep us out of the emergency room, that saves money. And if we can also help primary care doctors show us how to go to the right place for our hip replacement or some other specialized procedure, that means we’ll have a better outcome, a better experience, at a lower cost. So helping primary health care doctors be even more effective is a terrific way to improve our outcomes, to improve our health care experiences, and to lower the cost of health care in America.”

Learn more about the hearing HERE. Dr. Sapna Kripalani, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, was a witness at the hearing.