The sign that fronts the Susie McClure Library on the American Baptist College campus. Dr. McClure served on the Board of Trustees at the college.

Submitted by American Baptist College

NASHVILLE, TN — Dr. Susie McClure celebrated her 105th birthday on December 5, 2020.  This lady of note is a hard-working, intelligent, soft-spoken Woman of God , and has been a stalwart in the community for years. In 2019, she was the recipient of the American Baptist College Nannie Helen Burroughs Lifetime Achievement Award. For most of her adult life, she has been a consistent contributor to the College. Additionally, she served on the Board of Trustees and the library on campus is named in her honor.

“It is our pleasure to recognize the long and beautiful life of Mrs. McClure.  She has graciously given her time and resources to help others, and support students at American Baptist College.  She has lived a wonderful life, filled with peace and happiness,” said Dr. Forrest Harris, President of American Baptist College.

A member of Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church, she was saluted with a Caravan of Love service for her birthday and waved and smiled at many supporters and loved one.

Dr. Susie May Newsom McClure, known to her loved ones and friends as Dr. Susie, has been active and worked with many churches,

Dr. Susie McClure, seated center, was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from American Baptist College at the 2019 Nannie Helen Burroughs Luncheon. Also pictured are
front row l-r; Rev. Judy Cummings, Sherri Neal, Sen. Thelma Harper, Judge Sheila Callaway and Rev. Cora Alston; Back row l-r; Dr. Forrest Harris, Sr., president of American Baptist College

throughout the state and world, and has always loved people.  With her many attributes, she was also a certified nurse.

This dedicated Woman of Substance has been regarded by many individuals, especially for her missionary work. A biography of her life, Born to Be a Missionary, was written in 2006. Authored by Virginia Edmondson the book highlights the details of her dedicated service and commitment to improving the quality of life for all humankind.

Her family is truly dedicated to celebrating her every year as she strolls beyond the centurion age, now plus five.  She is a treasure to behold. And has wonderful stories of her life.  

Ms. Susie’s family reports that she is committed to the words in Psalms 84:11 “I try to treat everyone as I would like to be treated. I have learned that no good things will be withheld from me if I walk uprightly.” This is her motto for living.