APSU invites public to comment on undergraduate tuition and mandatory increase prior to June 4 vote


CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – The Austin Peay State University Board of Trustees will consider a proposal to increase undergraduate tuition and mandatory fees during the Board’s annual meeting on June 4. 
In November 2020, the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) recommended a maximum of a 2 percent increase for tuition and mandatory fees for Tennessee’s public higher education institutions. Austin Peay’s administration is proposing a 1.5 percent tuition and a 2 percent mandatory fee increase for the 2021-2022 academic year. 
The total 1.6 percent increase of the proposed tuition and mandatory fees will not exceed the 2 percent recommendation from THEC. If approved, undergraduate students taking between 1-12 credit hours will see their tuition go from $280 per hour to $284 per hour. Any credit hours over 12 will increase from $54 per hour to $55 per hour. 
Austin Peay makes every effort to mitigate the effect of the increase on undergraduate tuition. That’s why the University’s current undergraduate tuition rate is the second lowest among the state’s other public universities, and the proposed tuition and mandatory fee increase complies with THEC’s established range for the academic year 2021-2022. 
The additional revenue from tuition will be used for the University’s portion of the Governor’s proposed four percent salary pool, and the additional revenue from mandatory fees will be used for inflationary expenses. 
The public is invited to give feedback on the proposed increase. The University recently set up a Tuition Transparency and Accountability website, https://www.apsu.edu/president/board-of-trustees/tuition-transparency, for individuals to submit comments. 
For information on APSU’s Board of Trustees, visit www.apsu.edu/president/board-of-trustees/board-meeting-schedule-and-materials.