Freddie O'Connell Photo: Eric England

Nashville, Tenn. (TN Tribune) In a recently published article in the Nashville Scene, Bill Freeman, owner of FW Publishing which includes the Nashville Scene, Nfocus, the Nashville Post, and The News, endorsed Freddie O’Connell for mayor for Nashville.

The article sites Miller Perry’s endorsement of O’Connell and frank assessment of opponent Alice Rolli.

Freeman notes:

“O’Connell has received solid endorsements, but to me the most striking comes from Rosetta Miller Perry, publisher of The Tennessee Tribune and a well-respected leader of Nashville’s Black community and Black press. Her endorsement of O’Connell notes his leadership skills and sincere support of the city’s minority communities. However, her most frank assessment is of Rolli. Here are her powerful words on O’Connell’s competitor: “This is the first time in our 33 years on Jefferson Street that a candidate for mayor has not asked to talk about issues affecting the Black community with the Black press.” Her subsequent endorsement of O’Connell speaks volumes.”