House Speaker Glen Casada

NASHVILLE—The Tennessee Black Caucus of State Legislators renews its call for Speaker Casada to resign immediately; and demands that Governor Lee call the General Assembly into Special Session.

The overwhelming majority of the members of the TN House of Representatives have expressed their desire to move the State of Tennessee towards healing under new leadership in the Speaker’s office.

Rebuilding trust with our colleagues, engendering respect among our citizens and restoring confidence in the institution requires a new beginning.

New leadership is necessary now; not after months of additional chaos and mounting embarrassments founded in racism, misogyny, corruption and violations of constitutional and civil rights.

The 111th Tennessee General Assembly cannot properly attend to the “The People’s Business” and advance the State of Tennessee until “The People’s House” is in proper order.

Speaker Casada must resign now, and Governor Lee must call the General Assembly into special session either to remove Casada if he does not resign or effectively respond to the consequences if he does resign.

All of us must summon our collective courage to act on our common convictions, in service to our citizens; with special attention to women, communities of color and other groups who have been constitutionally violated or offended.