The 2019-2020 Boyd’s Commentary is a resource for planning and preparation for pastors, directors, teachers, students, or anyone searching for a deeper relationship with Christ. It follows the International Uniform Sunday School Lesson Outline from the National Council of Churches, and it is filled with scholarly, yet practical descriptions and exposition for modern Christians. Readers will find Boyd’s Commentary useful in their search for increased wisdom and theological insight (Proverbs 4:7) for walking in the way of Christ.

The cover image for this year’s Commentary was inspired by a kaleidoscope, bringing together themes of fellowship and vision. Kaleidoscopes creates fascinating displays of color and beauty through various colors, shapes, and sizes. Regardless of life’s distractions and our personal journeys, pain, and experiences, each of us is unique, and we come together, beautifully broken, like a piece of art or colors in a kaleidoscope. A kaleidoscope produces magnificent composites using simple mechanics—long tubes containing hundreds of colored pieces encased at its base. Inside each tube are a series of mirrors that reflect the pieces, creating intricate and symmetrical shapes that constantly change as the tube is turned. The pieces inside remain the same, yet the patterns and colors change with each movement of the cylinder. It challenges the eye to bring into focus multiple aspects to create a vison that is clear and unique to the viewer. It’s an amazing visual of harmony and order, and it is similar to us as individuals coming together to use our spiritual gifts and testimonies to draw others into in the Kingdom of God.

We are prayerful that the 2019- 2020 Boyd’s Commentary will enlighten readers to see new aspects of their faith. We are all constantly are gaining new revelations and inspirations as God reveals Himself in deeper ways through Scripture, prayer, and study. As we read His Word, we learn new truths and we gain knowledge to help us become more Christlike as we grow closer to God through fellowship, beautifully broken, to be restored in His image.

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