WeGo Public Transit is dedicated to promoting employees from within the company. Several bus operators have been promoted to management positions. Most recently, former bus operator Stephanie Ulysse was named Operators Supervisor.

Ulysse began with WeGo 17 years ago as a bus operator. Her strong work ethic and positivity positioned her for success, as she was determined to be a role model personally and professionally.

“It was important that I use the mechanics of good work ethics to demonstrate my dependability, punctuality, and kindness at work because I know that someone always pays attention,” stated Ulysse.

As she continued to enhance her skillsets, she gained the confidence to apply for the management position.

” I always knew I could do it, but I had to believe it,” Ulysse stated. One of the ways she worked to overcome her fear was by recognizing her love for her customers.

In her new role as supervisor, Ulysse applies her own experience and understanding as a driver as she manages her area.

In addition to her promotion, Ulysse published her first book “I Stand in the Light I’ve Cast.”

Additional former bus operators who have been promoted include Deirdre Curtis, promoted to Operations Supervisor, D’nese Nicolosi, promoted to Transit Stop Manager, Felicia Ransom, promoted to Lead Training Facilitator, Quen Keys, promoted to Training Facilitator, Chelsea Arvin, promoted to Scheduling Supervisor, Geraldine StanfordKym Tucker, promoted to Director of Administration. Hollie Gustafson was formerly a custodian and now promoted to Cleaning Supervisor. In addition, Kia Lewis, Engineering & Construction Project Manager, has been named president for the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials.

To view current openings, visit www.wegotransit.com.