Have you ever noticed when you’re brushing your teeth you see a bit of blood when you spit out the toothpaste or you see some bleeding when you floss your teeth? Bleeding gums are usually caused by inadequate removal of plaque when brushing. Remember plaque contains bacteria that attack the healthy gum tissue around the teeth.  Once this happens you will see the gums become inflamed and irritated, which will cause bleeding when you brush and floss.

A Few Reasons Why

• New Flossing Routine: If you haven’t been flossed in a few days you may notice some bleeding.  This should clear up within a week.

• New Toothbrush: If you switch from a soft bristle toothbrush to a firm toothbrush you may see your gums bleed. If you see this, switch back to a soft toothbrush and talk to your dentist to get their recommendation.

• Medications: Blood thinners may cause your gums to bleed.  These medicines decrease the bloods ability to clot which can make the gums bleed easily.

• Gingivitis: is usually a painless condition that is associated with bleeding gums. Signs of gingivitis include: swollen, reddened, tender gums, and bad breath.

There are different reasons that your gums may start to bleed during brushing, some are temporary and some are of more concern. Gum disease has been linked to more serious conditions including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. It is very important not to ignore your bleeding gums. Make an appointment to see your dentist if your gums continue to bleed so that they can diagnose and prescribe the best treatment for you. 

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