Christmas is a time for good company and good food. The holidays are known for sweet treats and tempting goodies, but that doesn’t mean that you should end up at the dentist with a mouth full of cavities come January.  We all know the negative effect that eating to much food has on the body, but have you ever considered the impact the holiday season might have on your teeth?

What to avoid 

• Sticky Foods like caramel can stick to your teeth and can lead to tooth decay if not removed. The bacteria that already lives in our mouths feed off the sticky foods which produce acids that wear away tooth enamel. Try to brush your teeth after consuming them to wash away the sugars.

• Hard Candy like candy canes last a long time, which is one reason we enjoy them. But sucking on a candy cane or any other hard candy provides our teeth with a sugar bath that allows the sugars and bacteria to remain in the mouth for a longer time.

• Sugary Christmas Beverages are technically not a food but remember not to over indulge in the eggnog, hot cocoa, and red wine. Try to avoid the beverages that are high in sugar and fat, and those that may leave stains on your teeth.

With Christmas just around the corner, everyone is ready for the festivities to get underway, but remember to take care of your teeth.  Constant snacking, drinking and eating sugary foods will make a miserable time for your teeth.  Eat or drink with a balanced meal to help control portions and sugar levels to help you stay healthy and to protect your teeth.

I hope this Tooth Talk will help keep you healthy during the holidays.  Please call (615) 445-8700 and or email your questions at Integrity Dental Care, PLLC

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