By Ron Wynn

NASHVILLE, TN — The Vanderbilt Commodores completed a surprising 5-7 regular season in disappointing fashion Saturday as in-state rival Tennessee rolled to a 56-0 victory. It was Tennessee’s 10th win of the season, and sets them up for prestigious bowl. Vanderbilt can point to some milestones reaches this season, but the finale revealed hom far they still have to go before being able to consistently challenge the SEC’s top teams.

Despite not having either its top QB or wide receiver available, the players Tennessee did have proved far superior to Vanderbilt’s 

Joe Milton, the Volunteers number two QB. didn’t have big day, but was effective doing what Tennessee needed. Milton finished 11-for-21 passing and 147 yards and a touchdown. It was Tennessee’s rushing attack the carried the day Saturday.. Jabari Small, Jaylen Wright and Dylan Sampson combined for 370 rush yards and four scores.

It was Tennessee’s 19th win, and they are now in position to get a prestigious bowl ibid. Vanderbilt had gained some momentum from its consecutive wins, but never were able to generate much offense. The Commodores only gained 107 yards pasing and 145 rushing. Now as attention shifts to basketball, in the off season Vanderbilt needs to recruit both depth and quality.. QB A.J. Swann will return, but the Commodores simply don’t have enough playmakers on both sides of the ball. That they won two games in the SEC this year as commendable, but if they are serious about someday being a perennial SEC contender, the Vanderbilt Commodores must find ways to generate productive offense, Simultaneously, the defense also must improve. But at least they won’t have to endure any more snide comments about not being to handled.