(UPPER MARLBORO, MD) – Douglas Kyle (22) and Paris Smith (24) are freshly retired from their 9-5 corporate careers in Information Technology to help the surrounding D.C, Maryland and Virginia areas on how to set their selves up for success in securing their financial futures.

Douglas and Paris met at a job development program where they learned skills to perform duties in Information technology. Upon their graduation they were full of ambition to tackle corporate America and begin the path of “9-5ers.”

Paris found her passion in financial literacy in 2015 after strong encouragement from her mother to study stocks in hopes of learning the skills to provide her family with a method to obtain financial freedom. Through sheer willpower and a vision for her future, Paris balanced a full-time job, a blossoming role as a social media influencer, and even a part time job to be able to fund her trading account. Paris would routinely make bus rides to New YorkCity (most times traveling through the middle of the night) to meet with her mentors and other successful traders. As the months progressed, she saw her confidence in trading become so great that she was now able to reach her goal. The passion grew in March 2020 when the world was halted from the ramped virus. Paris part-time position was suddenly furloughed and that kicked her financial plan into autopilot. Her first goal was to pay off alldebt because that would free up cash to put into her trading account. She came up with a strategic plan and stayed disciplined. Her efforts paid off and she was able to produce a 6-figure trading account in just 6 months. During the lockdown, she taught her family members and closefriends how to trade and obtain financial freedom through her company she birthed,That Wealth Academy.

Douglas’ journey to financial freedom manifested itself after he learned his contract as a web engineer would not berenewed. He began working at target shortly after, and began the rigorous process of daily job applications, weekly interviews, and weekly disappointing emails stating he was not the right candidate for the job. Determined touse the pandemic as a catalyst for an eventual financial turnaround. Douglas began working graveyard shifts partially for money, ( and partially to give him more time to learn without attending to customers,)and after a bet with his girlfriend to see who can have the highest credit score; he found a unique niche in credit leveraging. He diverted all his attention to better learning about credit: how the banks determine credit worthiness, how to legally attain high limit credit cards, and how to fix his family’s credit. His hard work paid off as he was able to receive high limit credit funding to deposit into the stock market and trade with his girlfriend. Together they created a unique system with That Wealth Academy to allow their loved ones and students access to information to receive funding and strategies on how to apply that funding to receive residual income in the market.

They took it a step further a year and a half later and both retired their selves from their corporate positions wealthy with the determination to teach their community the importance of having a financial education.

To learn more about the course visit their website at  www.ThatWealthAcademy.com and follow-on social media at @ThatWealthChick on Instagram.