Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton

I don’t even want to talk about Trump. But the fact is that if we don’t talk about him and all of his destructive antics, insults, and policies, and then not VOTE, could be the gravest error in modern campaigns. We cannot think our campaign is in the bag.

The Brown, Latino and women of the communities we share in common, will be the biggest losers if we are complacent and think that there is no way this serial ignorant liar, who doesn’t even understand the Constitution, would build a wall longer than the Great Wall of China. Or attempt to deport 11 million people and ban Muslims from entering the country, would be the biggest winner for the bigot party.

It is a pleasure to watch his numbers tank in the polls. We need to pray this trend continues its downward spiral, and then lead to the “hugest” and most embarrassing landslide victory of all elections in history. And while we are at it, we need to annihilate every one of them both up and down the ballot. In order to do this, we must make this a “revolution” because the future of this country and the world depends on the ultimate demise of the modern GOP. They’re all just a bunch of spineless demagogues who don’t have the nerve to stand up to a bully that they created. They do not have the will nor inclination to bring him down.

During the Democratic Convention we heard and saw many testimonies of what Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) has done for children and families all of her life from the beginning, even as an attorney who fought for relentlessly for the rights of the disenfranchised. We saw how she is a mother first and a faithful wife, despite what happened with her husband, she stayed and supported him and the vows that she has kept, even until today. We saw what her daughter and husband proclaimed what her friends and colleagues shared and what the people who she helped, were witnesses to. What I saw in her was first, that she is a mother to those who are not her children. She’s often been a mother to other mothers and a friend to the end of what is right and moral.

Yet, Mrs. Clinton is constantly being brutally attacked in an unrelenting manner that speaks to the fact that her opponent AND hateful others, are doing it for the purpose of deflection from the true essence of who she really is. She has the political resume’ to back it up. Whether we want to admit it or not, she is the victim of American misogyny at the dirty hands of those on both sides who just can’t bring themselves to support a woman for the highest office in the land simply because she IS a woman. She is an amazing woman whose commitment to helping those who could not help themselves, is unparalleled by her opponents…period. Ok?

Let me ask this question about those stupid emails (alone) she deleted (like all do daily). If you were accused of a crime, brought up before the system over and over because they were simply out to get you, and every single one of those systems could find no way to prosecute you, all the way up the chain until the FBI fully exonerated you and let the world know that you were not guilty, what would that mean to you? It would mean that you have been vindicated. You’ve been cleared of all charges and absolved of the accusations made against you, based on what was truthful testimony that led to your being pardoned for the offense you proved was not true. Right? But Secretary Clinton was guilty until proven innocent and still guilty even though she has been proven innocent.

It’s a known fact that Congress withdrew $330 million dollars from security in Benghazi. How was it her fault? I’ll tell you why. It’s because she IS a woman being held to a higher standard than men–in a man’s world. All the while a real crook, who left two wives and children, who has never done anything for anyone other than himself, is the REAL crook. But he’s ignored as a crook and loved by his misogynist base of hateful bigots. Enough is enough. If HRC was a man, this would be different!

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