By Rosetta Miller Perry
Donald Trump’s time as President should end immediately, not on January 20. His rhetoric and role during the disgraceful and treasonous insurrection that occurred January 6 in Washington D,.C. was the most recent and obvious indication he has no respect for the office of the Presidency, the rule of law, or the will of the people. He has repeatedly insisted since losing the election to Joe Biden by seven million votes that he was wrongly cheated of a landslide victory.
Despite multiple attempts in courts that have been dismissed and no tangible evidence to support his unfounded allegations, Donald Trump has constantly called for the results of a lawful election to overturned. Despite the fact there is no constitutional provision in this nation’s laws for that to happen, he invited thousands of supporters to Washington D.C. to attempt to force Congress to nullify the desire of the electorate. He urged Vice President Pence to initiate an unlawful proceeding, and attacked him when he refused to participate.
Then, on the morning of January 6, he directly urged his supporters to attack the Capitol, claiming nothing could be gained “through weakness.” The results were a global disgrace, with at least four people losing their lives, and rioters running wild inside the Capitol. Legislators had to be led to safety, and some had to hide until they could be rescued. Topping things off, Trump didn’t even acknowledge responsibility immediately afterwards, instead telling the rioters that “we love you.”
Finally the next day, after national and international condemnation from not only Democrats and world leaders but even many of his longtime allies, Trump finally said there should be an orderly transfer of power. But even in that statement he still said he didn’t accept the outcome of the election. The man has continually shown over the last four years a contempt for the law, an inability to comprehend how government works, plus a total ignorance of the Constitution and how to conduct himself as the supposed leader of the free world.
It is way past time for him to be removed from office. Several members of his cabinet have resigned rather than accept the duty of removing him under the 25th Amendment, But House Leader Nancy Pelosi has said she will ask Vice President Pence to proceed with the task of removing Trump under that Amendment. It takes him plus at least eight of 15 Cabinet members, though it’s unclear at press time exactly how many will actually remain.
Should Pence refuse or be unwilling to pursue removal of Trump via the 25th Amendment, then Pelosi and the Democrats should immediately proceed to another impeachment hearing. Trump has incited a riot, shown repeated contempt for the law and Constitution, and demonstrated he is unfit to occupy the office of President. That he was ever elected will be a blight on this nation’s history, but thankfully he was denied a second term.
He has never wanted to be President. Instead, he wants to be a dictator or king, someone who can hold power indefinitely, and rule in any manner he wishes. He has continually been an embarrassment to the nation and his office. He cozies up to White Supremacists and makes excuses for their behavior and rhetoric, distorts history, embraces the past actions of Confederate traitors, and has been responsible  for the separation of immigrant children from their families.
Perhaps the greatest joke has been his constant prattling about law and order. This is someone who was quick to brand peaceful protesters “thugs,” but when real thugs were running rampant in the Capitol had nothing but praise for their actions. There are numerous allegations facing him of sexual misconduct and financial misdeeds, and he can deal with those as a private citizen. But he should no longer be able to abuse the office of President, nor continue to embarrass the nation by remaining in the White House,
So unless Donald Trump does the honorable thing and resign, Congress should proceed right away with Articles of Impeachment.’