Chief Michael Hodges, left, with the Sevierville Sheriffs Dept. and Director of Operations, Trevor Townsend

SEVIERVILLE, TN — Applewood Farmhouse Restaurants in Sevierville celebrated a day of thanks by donating Thanksgiving Day lunches to Sevierville’s local heroes. 

On Thursday afternoon, Applewood Farmhouse’s executive chef, Roman Campbell, visited Sevierville’s City Police, Fire Department, and Sheriff’s Office to say thank you for their service to our local community by dropping off boxed lunches for all their staff on duty for

Sevierville Police Dept Dispatch, Stasia Carlesen, left and Trudy Rioza

Thanksgiving. Each boxed lunch included a roasted turkey sandwich, chips, an apple, and a homemade chocolate chip cookie. 

Applewood Farmhouse Restaurants and its employees are tremendously thankful for the men and women that protect and serve Sevierville’s community on a 24/7 basis and are pleased to donate a small token of appreciation on the day to be eternally thankful. 

Applewood Farmhouse Restaurants also wanted to thank all its guests for a record year for Thanksgiving at the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurants. Executive Chef, Roman Campbell, oversaw his staff’s preparation of over 200 turkeys with all the accompanying dishes for the take-out meals along with the over 4,000 meals that were served in the two restaurants on Thanksgiving Day.        

Applewood Farmhouse Restaurants.  250 Apple Valley Road, Sevierville, TN 37862 865/429-5700