Philanthropist Moses Carroll

Atlanta, GA) former Memphian, philanthropist Moses Carroll is on a mission to diversify fitness programs and accessibility. With a lengthy repertoire of fitness philanthropy, the entrepreneurial powerhouse has a strong foothold in the city of Atlanta. As the Creator and Founder of Pole Dance America, Owner of Fitsquad Studios, and a Board Member of the Atlanta Beltline Partnership (ABP), Moses Carroll has successfully incorporated his passion for fitness focused on the circle of wellness in low-income neighborhoods. His relatable and outgoing personality, combined with his passion for community engagement makes him a powerful force in Atlanta’s wellness industry.

The Memphis, Tennessee native initially dreamed of becoming a psychiatrist. After being expelled from high school, Moses was in search of direction in his life. Moses began working for a local gym in his hometown where he gained a genuine love for fitness. To further Moses’ career, he worked for eight time Mr. Olympia Champion, Mr. Lee Haney.  After receiving his personal training certification, Moses has personally trained notable Atlanta figures including former City Council President Ceasar Mitchell, and District 12 City Council-member Antonio Lewis. Moses also held several managerial positions at Atlanta’s most sought-after fitness facilities. After some mental struggles with the passing of his grandfather and sister, Moses took a 18 month sabbatical which would be the catalyst to take his passion for fitness into a new direction.

In 2010, Moses created Pole Dance America, a gymnastics and performance-based program that shines a light on the talent and athleticism of pole fitness. Pole Dance America introduces the sport and performance sides of the pole fitness industry.  Traveling across the country producing, directing, and hosting competitions. Moses created partnerships with pole fitness studio owners and provided a platform to gain more opportunities in marketing and promoting this unique form of health and wellness. In 2010, Moses produced his first competition in Atlanta and from there Pole Dance America began to flourish, eventually hosting up to ten competitions in a year.  To date, Pole Dance America has hosted competitions and workshops across nine states in theatres and studios. Creating partnerships with over 20 pole fitness studios across the country and through its marketing initiatives, Pole Dance America has increased visibility for pole fitness studios and other competitions alike to drive favorable revenue. Moses continues to highlight pole fitness for its athleticism, performing art, and alternative fitness activity for individuals that find joy of pole.

Currently, Moses continues to ignite his passion for living healthier lifestyles through community outreach programs geared towards overall wellness. He works as 1 of the strength and conditioning coaches for the Atlanta Phoenix, Atlanta’s professional women’s football team, Triathlete – Ericka Lallis and Professional Stylist – Shannel Jones, is a fitness philanthropist throughout metro Atlanta. Moses continues to build long-lasting, professional relationships in Atlanta communities, and is working to build a comprehensive fitness facility with an indoor track for youth, amateur, and professional athletes to train and qualify for United States and Olympic-level competitions to  highlight and build the track and field industry, which has been overlooked in the community. 

“We want to create an environment where people can Learn, Train and Grow their passion for overall wellness.“ Moses Carroll