Dr. John E. Warren, Publisher, The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint 

By Dr. John E Warren, Publisher, The San Diego Voice and Viewpoint Newspaper

With more than 68% of the votes counted within an hour of the California Recall
Election, Governor Gavin Newsom was declared the winner by the Associated Press. It
was not a guess, but a progressive analysis of voter response to the recall on a county
by county basis. Throughout the media coverage of voter turnout, there was a clear
comparison between Donald Trump’s votes in those areas voting “Yes’ on the recall,
and the actual numbers Trump received in the same areas during the November 2020

Governor Newsom, in his victory speech, said he was humbled by the votes of the
people of California, but acknowledged what so many already knew. In his words, this
was a victory for Democracy, for diversity, for individual human rights; a victory for
vaccines, the wearing of masks, the safety of our children, our economy and all we hold dear.

These remarks reflected everything that Larry Elder, the leading Republican
contender, stood against.

Elder was a Trumper all the way. He was calling election fraud before the votes were
counted and the polls opened. He was against the vaccine, against the wearing of
masks, against the idea of vaccines for children and in favor of reparations for former
slave owners. Elder was the “Great Black Hope” of the Republican Party without the
party endorsing him. Newsom said his defeat of the Recall was a defeat of all Elder and his supporters stood for, from voter suppression to plans to change the balance of
power in the U.S. Senate. Elder had said that if he won the election and Senator
Feinstein’s seat became vacant during his time as Governor, he would appoint a
Republican. This single act would have given the Republicans control of the U.S.

San Diego County was one of the first to overwhelmingly report a vote against the recall and it only went downhill from there for the recall supporters.

Culver City, California, September 5, 2021-California Governor Gavin Newsom speaks at his recall election rally on at Culver City High School.