Tucuman, Argentina — A nine-year-old boy cheated death after his crucifix necklace stopped a stray bullet from penetrating his chest in Argentina.

The incident occurred in the municipality of Las Talitas in the Argentine province of Tucuman, when Tiziano was at home celebrating New Year with his family when he felt a strong impact to his chest.

The Argentine boy said that he was standing in front of his house waiting for his sister and cousin to go inside when he suddenly felt pain and saw a bullet on the ground next to him. He was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was examined by medical staff who found only a superficial wound on his chest which was treated within the hour.

The boy showing the injury with his parents. (Newsflash)

His family did not realize how close the bullet came to penetrating his body until his father, received the picture. “My aunt sent the picture showing the burn mark with the crucifix saving me. All I remembered was losing the chain and finding the bullet near my feet,” said Tiziano.

The silver cross that saved him, was a gift from his father David, 36. It had a hole in the middle where a miniature Jesus was positioned.

One of the pictures reveals the state of the pendant from behind.  The family claims that it was what saved him from the bullet. “Some may believe the incident was an incredible stroke of luck or coincidence but I believe it was a miracle. Tiziano was blessed, and he is a blessing to me and his father,” said Alejandra, the boy’s mother.

The cross with the bullet. (@Josecitors/Newsflash)

Police authorities were informed, David said, and are conducting investigations to find who fired the bullet. “The most important thing is that my son is okay,” he said.

Meanwhile, the police confirmed the incident and a thorough investigation is being conducted to find out who fired the bullet. “The event took place around 10 pm on Dec 31. A nine-year-old boy checked in with his father into the ER of the Baby Jesus Hospital in the southern part of the capital city with a superficial wound in the thorax, produced by a firearm. After being checked thoroughly by several doctors on staff for 48 minutes, the boy was released,” they were quoted saying.

The crime rate in Argentina has been on the rise. As per a report, the global peace index 2020 ranked 163 independent states and territories based on the level of the crime rate. In 2020, Argentina scored 1.98 out of 5 points, placing the South American country in the 74th position in global ranking and in third place in South America.

(Edited by Vaibhav Vishwanath Pawar and Prachi Sibal.)

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