NASHVILLE, TN — In 2020, Hopewell suffered major damages and displacement from the destruction of the tornado that passed through North Nashville; and on its heels, encountered many challenges from COVID.  Thereby, our congregation has endured a period of many adjustments.

Grief has been two-fold, being displaced from worshiping but more importantly overcoming grief from the passing of several loved ones in the congregation, including the First Lady. 

Despite it all, God has allowed Hopewell to witness countless acts of kindness and the remarkable generosity of area neighbors, the broader community of faith, friends, and city leaders.  By God’s grace, Hopewell never faltered…we prayed and stayed faithful to Him.

On November 20, 2022, at 3 pm Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church will hold a re-dedication Service at 908 Monroe Street. The public is cordially invited.