Pastor Howard E. Jones, Jr.

NASHVILLE, TN — I have agreed to answer the call of many citizens who have regretted their previous decisions and encouraged me to run for Council AT-Large, Yes, again! This is my second time availing myself for this position, as well as two others recently. However, I am told, my voice looms with righteousness and justice for all.

It is necessary that we stand up for the people, too often, we have been absent from the people and present with big developers. I want our people and children to be recognized, respected, and honored. They should not be moved out, and ignored because they are citizens. Voices should be heard and their concerns  should be addressed.

My priorities include: actively involve communities in strategies to promote public safety; support MNPS to address achievement gaps and ensure equitable access to a quality education; ensure economic mobility and improve access to opportunity; create and preserve parks and public spaces that reflect the identity of Nashville’s neighborhoods; develop housing that is affordable to residents of all income levels; and create safe, high quality and reliable mobile options that prioritize walking, biking, and transit

From affordable housing and public safety to education and transportation infrastructure, there is much at stake for the people. Let’s shape Nashville’s future together. Now is the time.

Get on the winning team and support Howard Jones for Council-at-Large.

Jones is a father, faith leader, entrepreneur, and veteran school administrator. He continues to give back to the community through programmatic initiatives committed to improving the life trajectory of marginalized people from disadvantaged backgrounds. As a Bold, Pragmatic Leader he has devoted his life to fighting for living-wage jobs, access to affordable housing, food insecurity, and an equitable and just public safety system.