Atlanta, Ga.–As growth in business continues to be a hot topic for entrepreneurs, Dr. Sonja Stribling continues to make an impact in the entrepreneurial arena by hosting her wedding ceremony with her new husband, Shawn Alexander, during a business mastermind event. Donned in a navy-blue jumpsuit, sneakers, and wedding veil, Dr. Sonja Stribling and Shawn Alexander united in marriage in front of the duo’s clients, family, friends, and biggest supporters. 

Planning a large wedding was too stressful. Plus, I told him (Shawn) that I would rather use the $50,000 toward Facebook ads and a nice honeymoon. We were able to do this how we wanted to, where we wanted to” says Dr. Sonja. For the transformational speaker and author, it was of the utmost importance that the wedding day’s focal point contain an air of gratitude toward her supporters, for the professional growth within her business, and for the loving energy amongst her husband and family. The business mastermind included 85 attendees during the weekend event. As of today, Dr. Sonja’s clients have garnered over $2.3 million dollars in revenue.

The wedding commenced July 29, 2022, where she was proudly given away by her son. Additionally, the groom’s son served as the best man for the groom. Dr. Sonja feels this marriage is in spiritual alignment both professionally and personally: she boasts that this time around, she married for a partnership in addition to marrying for love. After saying “I do”, the couple shared a loving first dance, shared a bite of their wedding cake, and expressed unlimited gratitude to those in attendance. Dry eyes were a difficult find once the ceremony came to a close. 

In her book, The Divorce That Saved My Life, Dr. Sonja spoke heavily on the importance of healing after heartbreak from her divorce, making the surprise nuptials a welcome form of growth for Dr. Sonja.

“Our ceremony was so amazing to me because we did it with the people who trust me to help them win. And the guy I married, well, God knew I needed him in my life to help me win too.” – Dr. Sonja Stribling (Alexander)