Ja Morant

Few things are more disturbing to witness than self-destructive behavior. That is clearly what has been happening over the past few weeks with  Memphis Grizzlies superstar guard Ja Morant. A supremely talented and charismatic performer on the court, a combination of poor choices and questionable associations off it have him at a career crossroads.

Roughly two weeks ago, Morant was indefinitely suspended by the team from all activities.

It’s the second time in a two-month period that Morant has been suspended, and both  times it was for being shown on an Instagram video holding or appearing to hold a gun.

The first time he drew an eight-game suspension. Morant supposedly had  been in a 10-day therapy session and had told the NBA  Commissuoner he was sorry and  taken responsibility for his actions. 

That Morant repeated his behavior stunned and angered many observers. Some even called for a half or full season suspension 

Morant’s  previous actions already put endorsement deals with Powerade and Nike in jepoardy. It also cost him a spot on any of the three All-NBA teams. That  in turn meant he lost millions in earnings on his contract.

Morant has again apologized and promised  to do better, but there is lots of skepticism. 

He is approaching 24 and the father of a young child. Certainly he  can turn things around. He hasn’t committed any crimes, but he has to understand that  the NBA is overly cautious when it comes to the public image of its stars. 

He may play in a state where people are free to carry concealed weapons without a permit, but the league can still draw the line on how it wants its stars to appear in public ads or videos.

Morant is entitled to do what he pleases as a private citizen. But as an NBA employee, that’s another issue. 

Hopefully, this will be resolved soon, Morant  will return to the court and not make any more questionable videos.

It would be a real shame if a promising career were cut short not by injury, but by poor choices and bad judgement.