Reggie Jamerson is the owner of the Firehouse Subs franchise in Germantown TN.

By Ashley Benkarski

MEMPHIS, TN — Reggie Jamerson’s hard work has earned him his own franchise and the respect of his community.

He’s recently reached the milestone of his one-year anniversary as the owner of the Firehouse Subs franchise in Germantown, just outside of greater Memphis.

He started in 2007, and at first Jamerson just saw it as a job to help pay the bills and get by.

He’d never even heard of the establishment until he was employed there, 

By 2009 he began his managerial career as a “Fire Marshal” for the company, opening new restaurants and delivering reports. “During that time, we opened 27 restaurants,” Jamerson recalled. “I got to see how awesome a company Firehouse Subs was, they were committed to having a great product and committed to the people, to their employees, and we took care of one another. I felt valued, so I never felt like I needed to go anywhere else to find a job.”

Jamerson took over when the former franchise owner decided to retire in July 2021, right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, and he’s been in the position, serving Germantown, since.

And though it hasn’t been easy, such as with securing financing, paperwork, and learning the ropes of the position, Jamerson said the reward has been worth his effort. “I’m so thankful that I’m able to have these problems, to have these blessings that I have right now. It’s been great and it’s only getting better … Even before I owned the place, I felt like I was in the right community to be successful.”

Jamerson recently held an event at his franchise to show his appreciation to the community that has supported him so much, and he said he plans to keep showing that gratitude through other events in the future.

For those seeking their own path to success, Jamerson has some sound advice. “Don’t give up. Keep positive people around you, always try to continue to grow and learn and keep up with the times and the situations that may come before you. I cannot stress how important it is to remain positive.”