Harold Lewis, Jr.

MEMPHIS, TN — Harold Lewis, Jr. is a mortgage industry expert with vast experience in architect building and operating sophisticated control systems in an intensely regulated industry, and managing and controlling operations infrastructure, including on/off shore and in and out sourced business models. He has deep operational P&L performance, efficiency, technology and systems expertise.

As president and chief operating officer at Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc., he led rapid growth while successfully managing risk and profitability. Growing the Servicing platform from $30B to $400B and the Origination portfolio from $1.8B to $25B in less than 2 years, he enhanced loan performance and thereby improved the Company’s bottom line while also helping customers continue to live in their homes. Lewis increased efficiencies and reduced Nationstar’s risk and by creating a new model that allowed management of regulatory compliance and operational risk and by creating a new model that allowed management of regulatory compliance and operational risk concomitant with great-growth rates. His technology/system expertise allowed him to implement an important risk reduction effort by optimizing security of platforms, customer-information protection, and compliance.  He led the organization through a time of high scrutiny from various government agencies and oversaw a newly-formed agency relationship with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. (CFPB)

Before joining Nationstar in 2012, he served as head of the Citi Homeowner Assistance Program and COO, at Citi Mortgage, leading a 9,000 employee team responsible for operations, technology, customer experience, services, agency relations and re-engineering, and testified before the Congressional Banking Committee regarding the mortgage crisis.

From 2002 to 2009, Lewis served as SVP of National Servicing organization (1400 mortgage servicers and $2.7 Trillion in mortgage services); he designed and executed the first non-default servicing transfer from bank servicer to non-bank specialty servicer. This not only created a new industry, but also generated a laser-like focus on portfolio deficiencies, and significantly reduced credit losses by transferring defined risk tranches to different servicers. Lewis also worked directly with treasury, administration and FHFA to develop and provide guidance on the Home Affordable modification Program (HAMP), and was appointed in 2008 to FNMA’s Credit Initiative Committee and the Credit Loss Forecast Committee.

Before joining Fannie Mae, Lewis was COO for Resource Bancshares Mortgage Group (2000-2002), where he successfully managed two processing centers throughout the country and was responsible for Meritage Mortgage, (subprime lending entity), and helped build a successful organization from a turnaround which took the stock from $3 a share to $18 a share.

From January 1996 to March 2000, Lewis served as the President of NationsCredit for Bank of America/Barnett Bank, and grew the corporation from $88 to $40B, servicing about 100,00 loans. Previously, he held senior management roles with Cardinal Bankshares, and Union Planters National Bank.

Lewis earned a Bachelor of Science in Business from Memphis State University, and attended Vanderbilt University on football scholarships.

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