By Lenny P. Aldrich

“It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done,” Nelson Mandela Said.

This quote is fully embraced by Rev. Darryl Kanadi, Pastor of the Baptist Church of Rodman Street, and his wife, Minister Talita Kanadi, regarding their attitude towards starting the LIFE Men’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) Academy. Is what you have. A unique school in the Greater Pittsburgh area welcomed its first student this fall.

“Our mission is to prepare all male scholars for college success and career readiness, and as a catalyst to increase the presence of African-American men in the STEM pipeline. It works.” 

LIFE Male STEAM Academy, located in Wilkins Township’s 777 Penn Center Blvd, Suite 102, is a male academy focused on developing the “skills needed to succeed a male scholar” in the 21st century. Currently, the school offers 6th and 7th grades, but plans to add new grades each year. They plan to fully serve students from kindergarten to high school by grade 2030-2031.

“I did it because I didn’t know I couldn’t do it,” said Rev. Canadi about starting such a school to serve the entire Pittsburgh with an ambitious mission.
Upon entering school, the first thing you see on the walls of the vast reception area is the royal colors of gold, purple and white, the lion and the shield with a crown on the lion’s head. The intent is to show to everyone who enrolls, not just students, that those who attend this school are young kings and have crowns that they are expected to grow.
Four years after arriving in Pittsburgh and becoming Rodman’s chief pastor, Rev. Canadi had a divine vision that he and his wife were destined not only to change their lives, but to change their lives. I was guided. Hundreds, if not thousands, of young African-American boys in the Pittsburgh region.

He said, “I call it a” 911 call “because God came to me on Thursday, September 11, 2014 … After I took over the ministry, he said we were Rodman. I came in the background of the revival of the man who was hosting in. I saw the need for men to step up and become priests, donors and guardians of their families. So, every Monday in March, we started the “March Madness” Men’s Revival. He continued. “These services were attracting 300-400 men and starting to attract young men. We guided them, I baptized them and many joined the church. Unfortunately. , A few weeks later, I was shot many times. “

He said, God told him he had to provide a pipeline and start helping these young men see some other options. He should make it a conduit to change this paradigm, grab these young men and hopefully start early to save them from such a fate. It took 7 years to complete.
LIFE Male STEAM Academy is the name of the school given to Rev. Canadi that night, and he couldn’t sleep at all when God planned to provide the mascot and the concept.
Rev. Canady initially planned to focus the curriculum on STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics), but later decided to add an Arts component to make it STEAM. The essence of the title is LIFE (LIVING INTELLIGENTLY FULFILLING EXPECTATIONS). And everything in the school is designed so that students can see the acronym alive.
Co-founder Taleeta Canady is a former high school coaching counselor, middle school English arts and social studies teacher, and is currently Rodman’s Minister of Congregational Care. Rev. Canadi shared that when he came to her about what God had revealed to him, she declared that they had found their joint purpose and that they had advanced their vision.

In addition to God, it was Rev. Canadi’s own experience in high school that helped guide him on this mission. When he wasn’t on the road to college, he approached from an African-American coaching counselor who was poured into him and helped him understand that college education was available. .. Pastor Canadi said: This is what I am trying to bring to this school. Invite these boys to see what they can be. ”
Academy leader— School director Jim Chavis and Rev. Darryl Candy, founder of the LIFE Male STEAM Academy, are exhibiting to promote the “Wells of Life.” 

The STEAM curriculum is the focus of the school because Rev. Canadi and his wife recognize that it is a field of work and a field of the future in the 21st century. “Be represented by universities throughout Pittsburgh, such as Carnegie Mellon University, one of the world’s top artificial intelligence universities, and the University of Pittsburgh for engineering and medical advances,” he says. As a tech and medical runner, we believe we need to take advantage of what’s right in the backyard. He believes that young African-American scholars need to consider themselves doctors, engineers, and scientists.

Rev. Canadi shared that the location of the school was not a coincidence. “We’re not just a building, it’s a campus with engineering, construction and medical companies, so boys go to school every day to see what’s happening around them and they themselves. Further proves what the possibilities are. “The LIFE Male STEAM Academy sets it apart from other schools of this kind. In addition to its main concept, another factor that separates a school from other schools is its health and wellness center. The center consists of African-American care providers, including doctors, male RNs, and licensed clinical social workers on campus. Currently affiliated with the GINN Group and CVS Health, it is the first charter school in Japan to have this health and wellness center. For this reason, it is recognized as the flagship SMART MODEL school currently under development.

The school culture has four layers. All students are called “Mr.” And as young kings and scholars, when they come to school, they are in an environment where they can learn and have the idea of making it possible to learn. Students are also required to wear a blazer, shirt and tie every day except Friday. Rev. Canadi said that some scholars are obsessed with dressing and are dressed every day. In addition, there is a so-called “Wells of Success” promotion. It means that all successful scholars are “well-dressed,” “spoken,” “connected,” “candid,” “traveled,” and “well read.”

Finally, LIFE Male STEAM Academy is committed to nurturing all children, the whole family, and the entire community. If you help your child and not your family (such as the needs / trauma they experienced), you are not doing enough to win the battle. To meet that commitment, the school has a positive evaluation and care team. The team is working hard to identify and address risks and resolve issues in real time. They have the ability to address, mitigate, and ultimately eliminate barriers to learning. This often interferes with the student’s educational process.