NASHVILLE, TN — Local mom Renuka Christoph has released a brand new book series promoting COVID safety for children entitled Facemask Fun with Hamilton. The series features Hamilton, a young investigator who promotes

Renuka Christoph

COVID safety in fun ways. In addition to the series, there are free resources available for educators and parents to download. The purpose of the series is to normalize safety practices as our youth are facing a new set of psychological and emotional challenges during this pandemic.

The Children’s Hour, a nationally broadcasted radio show, will air coverage of the series beginning Aug. 17 on over 70 radio stations as well as on podcast. Attached for media only is the review which cannot be released prior to the air date.

In What Colors Do You See, What Do You See and Sports, Hamilton observes different prints and encourages young readers to use their imagination as he shares his. Within Birthday Time, Hamilton shares about his eventful day playing distant games, reminding readers to keep a safe distance and more.  At the Zoo offers animal facts in addition to safety facts. Questions Answered is a light hearted and whimsical Q&A between the young investigator and different animals.