By Thomas Sheffield

Now that the hype of the NFL Draft and the Country Music Marathon is over, there is one more event we should be excited and hyped.  The world saw record breaking attendance brought a lot of pride to Nashville and its citizens.  We should now show how much we value science and knowledge and attend another important event.  It is the March for Science & Climate 2019!!!  We celebrate May 4 from 10AM-12PM at Public Square.  The march is a celebration of science and a call for all of us to safeguard the scientific community.  We all need to support groups like Climate Nashville as they stand up for climate protection and climate justice for our most vulnerable communities.

For far too long, we have been victims of alternative facts.  Many of our leaders refuse to believe in science and its role in bringing value to our lives.  They deny man’s role in climate change.  They deny or refuse to acknowledge how the use of old technology can harm our land, water and air.  They refuse to invest in technology that increases efficiency while decreasing our quality of our health and our life.   This march is a chance to influence policy change not just on a national level but on a local level as we support our local schools and council districts.

People in the African American community all over Middle Tennessee need to participate as we are some of the greatest scientists in the world.  We have a deep history of creating, engineering and calculating.  We have and continue to make progress in the world of science as we attempt to get through our daily tasks.   My wife is a master chemist in the kitchen as she continues to develop recipes and flavors that nourish my body and soul.  We recognize science is everywhere and how basic scientific principles along with environmental stewardship help us to live full lives in spite of our financial condition.

The world is constantly changing.  Advancements are being made in healthcare and energy.  These advancements are direct results to our ability to create through science.  Routine work that once formed the middle class will soon be gone as our economy continues to grow.  This is why science is so important.  Not only can we add value to our lives, but to the value of the generations to come.  Jason Carney owner of Energy Elective LLC is at the forefront of science as he continues to lead our community in owning our own energy. His goal is to help people save money and conserve energy.  The green economy brings us new opportunities.  If we don’t recognize the importance of science, and innovate, we will be left behind.   We will need to be more aware of our options as we try to build a better tomorrow for our children.  


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