The Office of Recruitment at Tennessee State University is headed across the state and select markets throughout the nation to share why students choose TSU.  Assigned by territory, the team is scouting for top student candidates to join the Tiger family. Learn what the recruiters like most about TSU, when high school students should begin visiting colleges, and how to choose your academic major.

Mr. Alan Lancaster, Assistant Director of Recruitment has served on the team for over 25 years.  His territory is East Tennessee, local Nashville private high schools, and select markets throughout the Western region of the United States. This is what he likes most about TSU. “I like the family atmosphere, being able to help students who want to attend TSU, and the excitement of seeing them realize their dream of becoming a ‘Big Blue Tiger,’ Lancaster continued. “The solid academic programs we have at TSU are the most affordable cost in the state of Tennessee.”

This is the advice he gives students interested in TSU. “Make sure that you apply early, the beginning of your senior year, for both admissions and scholarships. Schedule campus visits by your junior year or before. Also, you should start looking at colleges during your sophomore year.”

To contact Mr. Alan Lancaster directly, email or call 615-963-5121.

Mr. Martail Clayborn graduated from TSU in 2009; he has worked for the institution for over 3 years.  Clayborn joined the Office of Recruitment after working in the Office of Financial Aid and the Office of Records.  Clayborn serves as the 250-mile radius Admissions Recruiter, his primary territory is Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, Mississippi, Kentucky, and select markets in the Northwest region of the United States.

Clayborn shared why he joined the Office of Recruitment. “I wanted to be in a direct role interacting with students, and assist as a support person throughout their college experience,” Clayborn continued. “There are opportunities that students are not aware of and I want to be the subject matter expert in their journey. I want to put students in their most optimal position to be successful.”

This is the advice he gives students interested in TSU. “As a TSU alum, I share my experience from when I attended college; I share personal views and take the time to get to know students so that I can help enhance their collegiate journey,” Clayborn continued. “I want to be sure that students are aware of the financial commitment required to attend school. I tell students about scholarships and financial assistance.”  

To contact Mr. Martail Clayborn directly, email or call 615-963-2592.

Mr. Dominic Cooper, Admissions Recruiter joined TSU after working for Middle Tennessee State University. He was a highly involved student leader at MTSU and became an alum in 2016.  A Memphis native, his recruitment career started at his alma mater. While there, he was able to increase enrollments from the Memphis, TN area and develop new recruitment strategies for that territory.  He credits his success to his Instagram social media campaign ‘Coop the Counselor’ and his willingness to create personal relationships with guidance counselors, college tour hosts, and parents. 

Cooper’s territory is West Tennessee and he is primarily focused on Memphis area prospective students. This is the advice he gives to students relocating from Memphis to Nashville. “Embrace the culture change because it will open doors for you. Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in the US, this brings job placement, internships, and networking opportunities that you cannot experience anywhere else.”

To contact Mr. Dominic Cooper directly, email or call 615-963-5103.

Ms. Portia Johnson is an alum of Tennessee State University; she has earned her Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration.  Currently she is a Doctoral student majoring in Educational Leadership and works as an Adjunct Instructor and Admissions Recruiter at TSU.  Her territory is Middle Tennessee, and select markets within the Southeastern region of the United States. 

Her favorite part about recruiting is, “I enjoy talking about my beloved University and meeting families,” Johnson continued. “I have lasted at TSU for 20 years because of the way that people have gone above and beyond for me. I have built great relationships here and am treated well.  I have gained mentors and family here. I have developed so many friendships and opportunities here. People have poured into me here to help me become successful.”

The academic advice she gives to students is, “In my classes, I tell my students that you don’t have to limit yourself to one career goal. Also, go to school and pursue a career that you are passionate about, do not only attend for monetary outcomes. Do not get discouraged if it takes you longer than you anticipated. Take your time, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.”

To contact Ms. Portia Johnson email or call 615-963-4881. 

Dr. Carjamin Scott is the Director of Admissions and Recruitment at Tennessee State University.  To contact Dr. Scott, email