TN Tribune–Evangelist Debra Dandridge, a native of Coldwater, Mississippi, was called into the ministry in 1991 and for the last 29 years has devoted her life to evangelizing to the young and old, the importance of salvation and repentance.

She was given a revelation by God and now she is sharing that revelation in a spiritual book, “Reform Life: Shaping the Inner Man.” The purpose of the book is to help lost souls turn back to their true love.

This inspirational book digs deeper into the 10 steps that one must take in life to earn God’s favor.

“As I speak of God and not of myself, my primary focus is repentance and eternity,” Dandridge said. “I challenge the minds of the 21st century to improve their lives by improving their morals, character, and way of life. Most importantly, I challenge people in the 21st century to make great strides toward removing their faults. Unfortunately, no one can make these necessary changes without the help of a higher power. Jesus is the only one who can take the wrong in a person’s life and make it right.”

Evangelist Dandridge knows that she has a calling on her life and it is not only her obligation but also her Christian duty to share what God has given her with the world.

The book is now live for pre-order on Amazon and will be released April 4th.

Click the link below or search for Debra Dandridge on Amazon to pre-order.

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