Price We Pay, Enzo Lederer-Morihisa, Nashville School of Arts, Grade 10, Gold Key, American Visions Nominee

NASHVILLE, TN — Several Metro Nashville Public School students came up winners at the 28th Annual Middle Tennessee Scholastic Art Awards. The awards ceremony, held Feb. 2 at Cheekwood, celebrated students in grades 7-12. The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is the most prestigious recognition initiative for creative teens and the largest source of scholarships for young artists. More than 700 Middle Tennessee students submitted over 1,800 works to be considered for recognition.

The exhibition displayed work from students in various categories including the American Vision Award, a national-level recognition showcasing the best works of each region. Out of a total of five works nominated from the Tennessee region, Enzo Lederer-Morihisa, a 10th grader from Nashville School of the Arts, were among the top nominees. Other categories included the Gold Key award, which are automatically considered for national-level recognition; the Silver Key award which recognizes works demonstrating exceptional ability; and an Honorable Mention category for students whose work shows great skill and potential.

MNPS had students listed in several award-winning categories:

Antioch High School

Gold Key – Kayliea Dodson

Bellevue Middle School

Honorable Mention – Olivia Dekau; Ayla Gerber

Glencliff High School

Gold Key – Sefasi Abiangama

Silver Key – Sofia Ceja; Ever Turcios

Honorable Mention – Sefasi Abiangama; Samantha Leon-Berinstain; Emily Long

Goodlettsville Middle School

Gold Key – Sandra Balderas

Honorable Mention – Sandra Balderas

Hillsboro High School

Gold Key – Lily Duren; Jaden La Rocque

Silver Key – Rebekah Dumont; Lily Duren

Honorable Mention – Anna Ball; Lily Duren (two Honorable Mentions)

Hillwood High School

Gold Key – Sydney Bryant; Grace Mader; Za’Kira Thomas (two Gold Keys)

Silver Key – Grace Mader (two Silver Keys); Emily Nidiffer; Adin Sakic; Garima Shukla (two Silver Keys); Za’Kira Thomas

Honorable Mention – Kaylee Grigg; Milla Kicinski; Zoe Kidder; Memba; Emily Nidiffer; Garima Shukla (two Honorable Mentions)

Hume-Fogg Magnet High School

  Gold Key – Hannah Chen; Ian Marshall; Katie Taylor

Silver Key – Tiana Aldroubi; Hannah Chen; Gillian Spivak (two Silver Keys); Bella Taylor; Katie Taylor; Heidi Viall

Honorable Mention – Hannah Chen; Simone Marcantel; Hope Montgomery; Cheyenne Preston; Gillian Spivak; Bella Taylor (two Honorable Mentions); Katie Taylor (three Honorable Mentions); Heidi Viall (two Honorable Mentions)

Isaiah T. Creswell Middle School

Honorable Mention – Alexis Crawford

Meigs Magnet School

Gold Key – Marium Akbar; Addison Greene; Rosalee Millan

Silver Key – Delauny Bean; Rosalee Millan (two Silver Keys); Emma Reese; Kaylynn Schlichting

• Honorable Mention – Ella Clare Merkel; August Pile; Donya Safarian (two Honorable Mentions)

Nashville School of the Arts

Gold Key – Odalis Carrillo; Bridget Curtis (two Gold Keys); Chantell Hinds; Ashley Izquierdo; Enzo Lederer-Morihisa (American Visions Nominee); Quinton McClain; Fred Whitley

Silver Key – Odalis Carrillo; Bridget Curtis; Lyric Elvord; Ashley Izquierdo; Abraham Marx; Kelly Nguyen (two Silver Keys); Elizabeth Nim (two Silver Keys)

Honorable Mention – Violet Andrews; Traderrian Baxter; Mercy Cappellino; Darolyn Celio-Matinez; Bridget Curtis (two Honorable Mentions); Mason Evans; Enzo Lederer-Morihisa; Kelly Nguyen (two Honorable Mentions); Elizabeth Nim (two Honorable Mentions); Buchanan Raeder; Kylee Stewart (two Honorable Mentions); Fred Whitley

Stratford STEM Magnet High School

Gold Key – Amelia Vargason

Silver Key – Amelia Vargason

Honorable Mention – Megan Williams